Cinematic alternative music

New album in progress...

Image: Sam Coombes

In March 2024 I went into 45 A Side studio in Glasgow to record piano for a new album. I'm currently hard at work adding more instrumentation and vocals. Watch this space for audio samples soon...

Sign on the Door

Sign on the Door, written with Dora Lachaise, made it into the Herald's top 100 tunes in Scotland in 2023: "a memorable slice of class from the Glasgow-based duet's debut EP". Dora and I released our EP Weather Balloons in June 2023.

Chroma-Fi & SWAT

Image: Sam Coombes

Chroma-Fi is the name of my composing partnership with Edward Bettella. Together we won the Sensoria Scoring Contest 2020 and have since soundtracked three short films, including Sam Coombes' "SWAT", a western-style face-off between an exceedingly grumpy man and a tiny winged foe. SWAT was selected by a number of film festivals, including the Melbourne Short Film Festival. Look out for a new collaboration with Sam soon, another comedy short entitled "An Absolute Mare".