Cinematic alternative music

Weather Balloons EP

Image: Jonni Slater/Dora Lachaise

Dora Lachaise and Jonni Slater will be releasing a new EP in 2023 called Weather Balloons. The first single, Sign on the Door, is set for release at the end of March, with a video featuring a cat and mouse chase across Europe, from the forests of Latvia to the open ground of Dartmoor, winding up languishing in a Somerset prison cell...

They'll launch the EP with a gig at the Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow on 8th June.

Into the Unknown

"Once we sailed in golden sun / Now against the wind..."


A simple, percussive backing made from items found in my kitchen. Feelings of unease about what may lie ahead for all of us, ending with a note of hope for  the world we rebuild after the waves have receded. 

Chroma-Fi & SWAT

Image: Sam Coombes

Chroma-Fi is the name of Jonni's composing partnership with Edward Bettella. Together they won the Sensoria Scoring Contest 2020 and have since soundtracked two short films, including Sam Coombes' "SWAT", a western-style face-off between an exceedingly grumpy man and a tiny winged foe. SWAT has been selected by a number of film festivals, including the Melbourne Short Film Festival.