September 2016


The five tracks range from the electronic alternative rock/pop of ‘Now’ and ‘Not Giving Up’, through the latin-piano-and-trip-hop-groove-meets-grunge-guitars of Confidential, to the 80s-inspired synthrock of ‘Shout’, and ending in the soothing calm of piano-led ‘Falling To Earth’.

“Creating a glorious mix of cinematic indie rock, Jonni Slater makes putting together a musical great such as ‘Not Giving Up’ seem easy.”

“Cinematic electro pop-rock, with a classic killer chorus that will lift your ears right up!.. [Now]”

“Great attention to detail”

Vocals and instruments: Jonni Slater
Bass: Josh Duddridge (Tracks 1, 2 & 3)
Drums: Tom Wheeler (Tracks 1 & 2), Ian Bostic (Track 3)

Mastering: Steve Corrao at Sage Audio

Comic art: Steve Sims (Not Giving Up), Geraint Ford (Confidential)



A 12-page comic-book with the full comic artwork for 'Not Giving Up' and 'Confidential', created by Steve Sims and Geraint Ford, is available from Bandcamp. 

The book also includes lyrics and additional artwork.

Immediate download of all the tracks is included with the purchase.

Jonni Slater EP special edition
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